Why Vantage?


Vantage has the highest compensation plans in the industry. Your efforts will be rewarded through aggressive pay plans that have produced the top earners in the business. Simply put, you will make more money with Vantage – end of story!


While bi-weekly paychecks are nice, we understand the power of great incentives. Throughout the summer you will have the opportunity to earn thousands in cash and prizes through motivating individual and team competitions. Vantage keeps a tough job fun and motivating!


Most companies offer just a handful of overly competitive sales markets. Vantage has more market options than anyone – as in 10 times more! From Seattle to Florida, Hawaii to New York, we will put you in the best market to succeed! Don’t let anyone tell you the market doesn’t matter, it most definitely does!

Insight means quality-of-service and attention to detail, always prove to be one of the most efficient pest control companies in the US. Terminix is a billion dollar company. You know who they are. Vantage has earned their trust and has been representing them for nearly a decade.


A company’s training is only as good as those providing it. The Vantage Training Program (VTP) was developed by, and continues to produce, the top reps in the industry. Training tools include manuals, modules, videos, and on-the-door, one-on-one mentorship. Vantage will ensure you are more than ready to sell the first door you knock!


The summer-sales industry is notorious for making huge promises and failing to deliver. You won’t find that here. We will be honest about the “goods” and “bads” of the job. Truth is, this job is not for everyone. It’s hard work and you won’t make a million dollars this summer. However, you will work with great people and will ALWAYS be honest, and help you set challenging but realistic goals.


While we are positive you will make great money here, we do not believe money is the most important thing in life. In fact, we believe three things should always come before the mighty dollar – faith, family, and friends. This isn’t some cheesy “catch-phrase”. It’s simply the way we do business. At Vantage you will NEVER be asked to do ANYTHING that places money ahead of what really matters.

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Power Couple

“Vantage has provided us with opportunities to become successful not only for a summer, but for life. We have far exceeded our financial goals. We live debt free and invest our time and money in the off season.

We gained confidence, we can talk to anyone and our marriage has grown strong as we work hard side by side to reach our goals. Vantage is the best. Period.”

Katrina & Cory, Experienced Reps
Combined 1000+ Serviced

The Absolute Best Summer Sales Experience

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