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  • Where will I work?

    Vantage is a marketing company, which means we aren’t tied to any specific location and can sell in the best cities. We are currently operating in over 20 major cities across the nation and continue to expand.

  • Where will I live?

    Vantage makes safe, clean, furnished apartments available for reps throughout the summer. The apartments typically have pools and gyms. Reps are not required to stay in company provided housing.

  • How much money will I make?

    How hard are you willing to work? The beauty of this job is that YOU control your own destiny. Our reps have earned anywhere from $12,000 to $175,000, but we won’t attempt to promise you how much you will make. We WILL, however, promise you that any Vantage rep who works honestly, ethically, and productively will reach his/her goals.

  • When do I get paid?

    Our reps are paid a portion of their earnings every 2 weeks during the summer via direct deposit to their bank account. The remainder of their earnings are paid at the end of the summer in a back-end check.

  • What training is available?

    We are proud to offer an entire training library to each of our sales reps. In addition to self-paced learning, we conduct pre-season training meetings as well as daily training meetings during the summer.

  • Are there future opportunities at Vantage?

    We encourage every rep to reach his/her goals throughout life. If being an assistant manager, sales manager, or regional manager lines up with your goals, talents, and desires, we would love to have you working with us! We are constantly growing and making more opportunities for our talented reps.

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